Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Entourage Quiz


1. What's the name of the film Ari pitches to Vince in the pilot episode of Entourage?

2. In season 1 Vince appears on a late night talk show to promote an upcoming film, what talk show is it?

3. What is the name of the series Drama starred in?

4. Drama was banned from the Playboy mansion. Who does he say should have really been banned instead of himself?

5. Who is Vince's special guest at the Aquaman premiere?

6. Who's tickets do the guys use to get extra guests into the Aquaman premiere?

7. Who was Vince's co-star in the film "Head-On?"

8. Who is Josh Weinstein?

9. What movie fantasy does Vince live out when the guys to the Valley?

10. What body part is Drama obsessed with?

11. Where did director James Cameron get to screen "Queens Boulevard?"

12. Why does Drama land in jail in season 2 of Entourage?

13. Drama gets a movie of the week with a famous actress but is then fired. Who is the well-known actress?

14. Who offers E a job as an agent?

15. Billy Walsh, a director refers to who as a "suit?"

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entourageLA said...

1. Materhorn?
2. Head On
3. Viking Quest
4. Pauly shore?
5. His Mom
6. James Woods
7. Jessica Alba
8. Ari's ex assistant, and the agent who introduces the script to Queens Blvd. to E
9. They party at a highschool party?
10. Calves
11. Park City, UT Sundance Film Festival
12. Bashing his golf club into a surfer's VW
13. Brooke Shields
14. Terrance, Sloan's dad
15. E

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Andrew said...

1. Matahorn
2. Jimmy Kimmel
3. Viking Quest
4. Pauly Shore was the real person with the monkeys, but it was the husband/father guy, not sure of his name.
5. His mom
6. He used James Woods tickets for E's and Turtles Mothers to attend the premire.
7. Jessica Alba
8. He worked in the mail room and Ari's assistant.
9. His "Almost Famous" moment
10. Calves
11. The Canes
12. Road rage with a golf club.
13. Brooke Shields, "Woodie" haha
14. Terrance
15. E

Justin said...

Ari rocks the house. He is so the man.


jameskong123 said...

yo awesome article

Chris said...

Everyone should check out the glimpse of actor Bow Wow's ball sack very early on in the episode during the sex scene (season 5 episode 10). This is absolutely no joke, go back and watch the episode and look closely. You will notice around 1 minutes into the show (during the sex scene), actor Bow Wow's testicles are shown for a split second. No one that I was watching with noticed and when i pointed it out we had to rewind over 10 times for everyone to finally notice and believe me.



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